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Hernandez Robert

Assistant Professor
Department of Economics
Economic Research Centre


  He holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Cornell University. He has been a Post-Doctoral scholar at the Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies at UCSD, a Research Affiliate at IZA, and an Assistant Professor in Economics at CIDE, Mexico. From 2011-2013 he was a Visiting Assistant Professor at UCY. He currently works as a Special Scientist at the Economics Research Centre at UCY, as part of the program “Employment in Europe” funded by the European Union. He also is an External Affiliate at CIDE, Mexico.

Research Interest

Labor Economics, Development Economics, Economics of Immigration


  • Duval Hernández, R., & Orraca Romano, P. (2011). Análisis por cohortes de la participación laboral en México (1987-2009). El trimestre económico, 78(310), 343-375.

  • Duval-Hernández, R., & Smith-Ramírez, R. (2011). Informality and Seguro Popular under segmented labor markets. México: Centro de Investigación y Docencias Económicas.

  • Fields, G. S., Hernández, R. D., Freije, S., Puerta, M. L. S., Arias, O., & Assunção, J. (2007). Intragenerational income mobility in Latin America [with Comments]. Economía, 7(2), 101-154.

  • Fields, G., Duval-Hernández, R., Freije, S., & Sánchez Puerta, M. L. (2007). Earnings mobility in Argentina, Mexico, and Venezuela: testing the divergence of earnings and the symmetry of mobility hypotheses.

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