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Ioanna Floutsakou, Msc, Phd Ioanna Flout

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Registered Clinical Scientist with an MSc in Medical Genetics and a PhD in Biochemistry. Knowledge and practical experience in a range of genetic subjects and techniques (molecular, biochemical and cellular) gained through academic studies and work experience . Currently working in the molecular genetics diagnostics department at St Mark’s Kennedy-Galton Centre at Northwick Park Hospital NHS. Responsible for the predictive cancer section by performing the verification, activation, troubleshooting, analysis, interpretation of results and reporting of the tests as well as NGS (Illumina MiSeq) analysis on breast and colorectal cancer panels. Studied the development of screening tests during the MSc which was put in practice in the standardisation and establishment of the pre-implantation genetic diagnosis protocol in Genomedica S.A. and the spread of metaphase chromosomes as well as 3D-DNA and 3D-RNA FISH on cells and chromosomes during the PhD. Interested for further development in genomic analysis and research but especially gaining more experience in managing sections in diagnostic or research labs. Key personal qualities include self-motivation, organisation, problem solving, accuracy, diligence, efficient planning, high ethical standards, fast and efficient, leadership skills as well as being a supportive and understanding co-worker with excellent communication skills.

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