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Cyrielle Fougeroux

Microbiology and Immunology
Copenhagen University,


Cyrielle Fougeroux has done her Master’s in Immunology from UPMC, and is pursuing her PhD from Copenhagen University, Denmark. She has been working on adenovirus based vaccines targeting malaria and mucosal pathogens. She along with her supervisor (Peter J Holst) developed a new adjuvant based on MHCII associate invariant chain inserted with a furin recognition site allowing secretion of a trimerized antigen. This adjuvant was capable of enhancing both T cellular responses as well as humoral specific responses to the encoded antigen, after adenoviral vaccination in mice. This finding has now been patent and we would like to test our adjuvant with different adjuvant and are thus are open to collaborations in the near future.

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Vaccines and Immunology

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