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Soren Hvilsted

Polymer Chemistry Department
Technical University of Denmark


Soren Hvilsted is a Professor of Polymer Chemistry at the Technical University of Denmark. His research interests entail the design, preparation and testing of stimuli-responsive polymer materials. Particular attention is devoted materials for optical information storage and fuel cell electrolyte membranes, as well as fluorinated materials and polymers for biomedical, drug release and sensor applications. This approach involves preparation of entirely new monomers as well as application and optimization of several of the newest controlled polymerization techniques. In addition, the imperative and advanced analytical techniques such as SEC, FTIR, NMR, TGA and DSC are closely followed and external strategic alliances are formed when local accessability is not possible.

Research Interest

Design, preparation and testing of stimuli-responsive polymer materials


  • Inverted grafting-to key to superior aqueous friction

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