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Dina Helmy El-ghonemy

Assistant professor
Department of Microbiology/Biotechnology
Ain Shams University


Dr. Dina El-Ghonemy has obtained her M.Sc. in Microbiology/Botany from Cairo University and her Ph.D. in Microbiology/Biotechnology from Ain Shams Univeristy. She is currently working as an assistant professor in Microbial Chemistry Department, Division of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, National Research Centre, Egypt. Dr. El-Ghonemy has participated in two projects titled "Production of therapeutic yeast and cellulases from microorganisms`` and ``Improving Biodegradation of Rice Straw to Produce Industrial Enzymes via Biotechnology Techniques. She is currently working in a project titled ``Feed and manure production from the olive by-product in Sinai desert`` and a copy investigator of a project titled "Production of L-asparaginase, an anticancer agent, from locally isolated filamentous fungi using agricultural wastes via solid state fermentation". Dr. El-Ghonemy has a great experience in isolation and morphological identification of microorganisms, optimization of physiological conditions for maximum enzymes production by different microbial strains in submerged and solid state fermentation using agro-industrial wastes, separation and purification of important industrial enzymes, characterization and evaluation of kinetic properties of the purified enzymes, immobilization of enzymes on different matrix, , electrophoretic separation of enzymes, RNA extraction and cDNA synthesis, PCR, qRT-PCR and Microarray hyperdization. She is a member of Arab Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering Society and World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology. She has been serving as an Editorial Member and also as a reviewer for many reputed journals (African J Microbiol Res, African J Biochem Res, J Bioprocessing and Biotechniques and SAJ Biotechnology, American J of Bioengineering and Biotechnology, Journal of Harmonized Research Publication and Science Publishing Group). Dr. El-Ghonemy also acts as a supervisor of a number of M.Sc. and Ph.D. theses. She attended many national and international meetings and congresses. She published many papers in reputed journals (Antonie van Leeuwenhoek J Microbiol, Afr J Biotechnology, Asian J Appl Sci, British J Micrbiol Res., Adv Food Sci., Bull. Fac. Sci., Cairo Univ., J Medical Microbiol Diagnosis ….etc).

Research Interest

Applied Microbiology, Enzymology, Biotechnology, Solid State, Fermentation, Protein purification and Characterization, Leaf Diseases.

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