Engineering Experts

Ahmed H. El Antably

Assistant Professor
Architectural Department
Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport


My research interest is in media theory. In my doctoral dissertation, I researched the ways in which online multi-user gaming technology can affect the inter-subjective perception of space and the interpretation of its history. I locate my research and my teaching at a conjuncture of history, theory and technology. I am interested in teaching Design as a cognitive activity. I am especially interested in Design media and the ways in which they are socially deployed in Design discourse, and the effects they introduce in Design practice. I am interested in the history and theory of Virtuality in art and architecture. I am also interested in the history and theory of Place in general and issues of the perception of place in both actual and virtual (both conventional and computed) environments in particular.

Research Interest

Digital Heritage Design Theories and Methods Virtuality Design Media Theories of Place and Space Representation

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