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Hatem M Ismail

Department of Engineering & Technology
Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport


• Book format classrooms among the Faculty of Administration and Graduate School of Management and officials of the various programs and lecturers • The design and implementation of the Additional course schedule and make sure to inform the lecturers and students of the dates lectures and through direct contact and messaging service. • Monitoring committees and supervise the examinations. • Review and audit the results and the introduction of grades on the system. • Respond to queries from students interested in applying to study various masters programs and Togerm to the Office of Student Affairs. • Follow-up mechanisms, systems design and workflow control irregular daily and follow developments in WordPad your daily affairs students • Follow-up schedule for students of the Faculty of Administration in classrooms in the Graduate School administration and instruct them to private rooms places keep an eye. • Follow irregular work Wabour Mieh branch through coordination and follow-up with responsible health care program. • Organizing annual leave for college staff and develop a plan for the distribution of work during vacations. • Organize and inventory custody college and follow Tkhen damaged them and communicate with asset management and the Covenant. • Organize periodic maintenance work. • Follow the overall needs of the office supplies. Eminent personality who is working as professor in Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, Egypt.

Research Interest

Engineering and Technology, Civil, Environmental engineering, Architecture  

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