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Marwa M Abdelmohsen

Department of Engineering & Technology
Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport


Dr. Marwa Abdel Mohsen is the Vice Dean for Training & Community Service at the College of Language and Communication in the AASTMT since 2015. She received her MA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language at the AUC in 2008, and finished her PhD in Applied Linguistics at the English Department in Alexandria University later in 2015.  Dr. Marwa has been working at the AAST since 2000. Since then, she has taught ESP in almost all Colleges of the Academy, and contributed to the syllabus design of many ESP courses. Right now, she teaches a number of courses at the College of Language and Communication, and teaches Human rights at the College of Pharmacy.  Dr. Marwa has also taught Language Testing and Evaluation in a number of teacher training courses, and this has been her main area of interest since 2008. She further organized a number of training courses for AAST staff members.  Dr. Marwa has also been responsible for the AASTMT English language placement test in the period from 2009 until 2015. In 2009, she designed the first paper based placement test to be used in a number of AAST colleges to determine the language proficiency of applicants at entrance level. Later in 2011, she designed the first computer based placement test to be administered to all applicants in all Colleges. In 2012, she helped in introducing the Cambridge Placement Test (CPT) to the AAST, and trained all the involved faculty members on its admin work and different roles. As part of her current post as Vice Dean for Training, Dr. Marwa has provided training opportunities for the CLC students in various local and multinational renowned institutions.  

Research Interest

Engineering and Technology, Civil, Environmental engineering, Architecture  

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