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Dr. Alaa Gheita

Cairo University, Egypt


Basal cell carcinoma is also called rodent ulcer is a relatively benign form of cancer, when diagnosed and treated early. However, it could present late thus necessitating aggressive surgical approaches or even devastating if further neglected. The face is the most common site affected and is highly important due to its privileged position in the human body. The author presents some different forms of clinical presentations and thus different techniques adopted which vary greatly from the early conditions to the advanced ones. The surgical role varies from simple excision and sutures to wide excision and local flaps. There is a wide variety of these flaps suggested and applied by the author. The advantages of the most popular will be discussed. In neglected cases involving the cranial bones, this would necessitate a craniofacial approach to resect the deep structures affected for achieving cure and reconstruct an aesthetical accepted face. Some of these patients are shown with the operative steps and results obtained. Conclusions are then drawn.

Research Interest

Clinical Dermatology, Dermatitis, Cosmetology & Trichology,  Hair Therapy & Transplantation, Skin diseases & Skin Care, Clinical Dermatology 

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