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Professor El-Naggar obtained his Ph.D 1996 (Manchester University (UK) and Alexandria University (Egypt) according to channel system). His research interest includes fermentation technology & microbial metabolism with special reference to the biotechnology of antimicrobial agents and related natural products. He published more than 25 papers and contributions in national, regional and international peer-reviewed journals. In addition to 10 papers presented to national & international conferences. He supervised & examined several MSc and PhD theses. He is involved in a number of research projects. He has awarded Alexandria University of scientific encouragement for distinguished researchers with silver medal (2002). He has been serving as a reviewer for top ranked journals plus one review article. He is member of European federation of biotechnology & European Society of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and other scientific societies.

Research Interest

Streptomycetes biology including the development of biological systems for the production of novel products with special emphasis to their mode of action and tackling medical problems. Microbial biotechnology of antibiotic production, purification, characterization, biological activity, cytotoxicity testing and mode of action. Mutational biosynthesis and Immobilization techniques. Application of X-ray microanalysis using Scanning Electron Microscopy. E.coli interaction with and adhesion to poultry respiratory and digestive systems. Molecular diagnosis of Candida albicans & adhesions to epithelial cells. The distinctive role of probiotics as an alternative solution to the antibiotic therapy. I have deposited the new 16S rRNA gene sequences for two Streptomyces strains in the GeneBank at National Centre for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) with the following accession numbers EF063682 and DQ386119. Statistical experimental design to model and optimize natural product bioprocess.

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