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Aleksander Lember

Department of Nutrition
Estonian University

Aleksander Lember


Mr. Aleksander Lember serves as, Associate Professor at Department of Nutrition Estonian University of Life Sciences. His Present research activities are Biosciences and Environment, Agricultural Sciences. His further research interest include B400 Zootechny, animal husbandry, breeding

Research Interest

B400 Zootechny, animal husbandry, breeding


  • Kaldmäe, Helgi; Leming, Ragnar; Kass, Marko; Lember, Aleksander; Tölp, Silvi; Kärt, Olav (2010). Chemical composition and nutritional value of heat-treated and cold-pressed rapeseed cake. Veterinarija ir Zootechnika, 49 (71), 55−60.

  • Karus, Avo; Tikk, Harald; Lember, Aleksander; Karus, Virge; Roasto, Mati (2012). IGF-1 free circulating protein and its geneexpression in linseed-rich diet quail. In: Pedro Rodrigues, David Eckersall and André de Almeida (Ed.). Farm animal proteomics (141−144).. Wageningen Academic Publishers.10.3920/978-90-8686-751-6_33.

  • Aleksander Lember, Madis Laan (2013). Egg and meat performance of the Estonian Quail. Fifth International Symposium and Fourth Brazilian Congress on Quail Production: Fifth International Symposium and Fourth Brazilian Congress on Quail Production, Lavras, Brazil, Oct 2013. Universidade Federal De Lavras, 21−32.

  • Karus, Virge; Karus, Avo; Tikk, Harald; Lember, Aleksander; Roasto, Mati (2014). Comparison of quail and chicken broiler circulating IGF-1. In: Andrè de Almeida, Fabrizio Ceciliani, David Eckersall, Ingrid Miller, Jenny Renaut, Paola Roncada, R (Ed.). Farm animal proteomics 2014 (162−165).. The Netherlands: Wageningen Academic Publishers.10.3920/978-90-8686-810-0.

  • Lember, Aleksander; Visamaa, Triin; Vallas, Mirjam; Nutt, Irje (2016). Eesti vuti munajõudlusnäitajate vahelistest seostest. Agraarteadus : journal of agricultural science : Akadeemilise Põllumajanduse Seltsi väljaanne, 27 (2), 65−75.

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