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Kalle Kask

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Kalle Kask is Docent in veterinary obstetrics. He has done Secondary school No.8. Tartu 1983 EAU Faculty of Veterinary Medicine 1986 – 1991 1993 – master studies at the Swedish University of Agricultural Science (9 months) Uppsala. Fellow of the Swedish Royal Veterinary Collegs (Diploma 1993) Master thesis 1995 „The effect of sham embryo transfer on prostaglandin F2a release in the mare" 1996 – 2000 doctoral studies at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Uppsala.

Research Interest

Research interest are Health; Veterinary Medicine


  • Jeremejeva, J.; Orro, T.; Waldmann, A.; Kask, K. (2012). Treatment of dairy cows with PGF2α or NSAID in combination with antibiotics in cases of postpartum uterine inflammation. Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica, 54, 45.

  • Jeremejeva, Julia; Orro, Toomas; Kask, Kalle (2014). Varajane versus hiline poegimisjärgse endometriidi ravi lüpsilehmadel, kasutades tseftiofuuri süsteemset manustamist koos kahe PGF2α manustamisega. Terve loom ja tervislik toit 2014, 12-14.03.2014, Tartu.

  • Tuppits, U.; Orro, T.; Einarson, S.; Kask, K.; Kavak, A. (2014). Influence of the uterine inflammatory response after insemination with frozen-thawed semen on serum concentrations of acute phase proteins in mares. Animal Reproduction Science, 146, 182−186.

  • Jeremejeva, J.; Orro, T.; Kask, K. (2015). Relationship between acute phase proteins and subsequent fertility of dairy cows after postpartum uterine inflammation. Veterinarija ir Zootechnika, 70 (92), 37−41.

  • Jeremejeva, J.; Orro, T.; Valdmann, A.; Aunapuu, M.; Blank, I.; Arend, A.; Kask, K. (2016). Early versus late postpartum treatment of clinical endometritis in dairy cows using a combination of systemic administrations of ceftiofur with prostaglandin F2α. Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics, 74, 9−13.

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