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Marilin Ivask

Research Fellow
Estonian University

Marilin Ivask


  Marilin Ivask, Phd student, (sup) Sulev Kõks, Wfs1 deficient mouse as a model for type 2 diabetes, University of Tartu. She is having research interest on Biomedicine , Health.  

Research Interest

Biomedicine , Health.


  • Eimre, M., Paju, K., Orlova, E., Peet, N., Ivask, M., & Kõks, S. (2015). Changes of mitochondrial function and energy transfer enzymes in muscles of mice with deleted wolframin (wfs1) gene. Acta Physiologica, 215, 128-129.

  • Ehrlich, M., Ivask, M., & Kõks, S. (2017). Cold induced Ucp1 expression in brown and white adipose tissue of WFS1-deficient mice. The FASEB Journal, 31(1 Supplement), 886-6.

  • Ivask, M., Hugill, A., & Kõks, S. (2016). RNA‐sequencing of WFS1‐deficient pancreatic islets. Physiological reports, 4(7), e12750.

  • Kõks, S., Overall, R. W., Ivask, M., Soomets, U., Guha, M., Vasar, E., ... & Schalkwyk, L. C. (2013). Silencing of the WFS1 gene in HEK cells induces pathways related to neurodegeneration and mitochondrial damage. Physiological genomics, 45(5), 182-190.

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