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Peeter Toomik

Research Fellow
Estonian University


Peeter Toomik is Research Fellow, food chemistry.He was (1977-1978) engineer in Laboratory of Semiconductors and Electroluminescence, Tartu University (1978 – 1989) engineer and senior scientist in Dept. of Organic Chemistry, Tartu University. (1989 – 1993) vice director in a small biotech. company 'Estar' (1993 – 2002) lecturer in Chair of Biochemistry, Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, Tartu University. 2005–2009 Estonian University of Life Sciences, Institute of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences, Researcher (0,50) 01.01.2004–31.12.2006 University of Tartu, Faculty of Medicine, Departement of General and Molecular Pathology, Research Fellow (1,00).

Research Interest

Research interest include food chemistry.


  • Mikelsaar, A.-V.; Sünter, A.; Mikelsaar, R.; Toomik, P.; Kõiveer, A.; Mikelsaar, I.; Juronen, E. (2012). Epitope of titin a-band-specific monoclonal antibody Tit1 5 H1.1 is highly conserved in several Fn3 domains of the titin molecule. Centriole staining in human, mouse and zebrafish cells. Cell Division, 7, Art No 21.

  • Raal, Ain; Toomik, Peeter; Püssa, Tõnu (2013). The content of procyanidin trimers of types A and B in some Vaccinium species and cultivars. Planta Medica, 79: 61st International Congress and Annual Meeting of the Society for Medicinal Plant and Natural Product Research, 1st-5th September 2013, Münster. 1219−1220.

  • Toomik, P.; Püssa, T.; Raal, A. (2014). Variability of procyanidin type A- and -B trimers content in aerial parts of some Vaccinium species and cultivars. Natural Product Communications, 9 (6), 815−816.

  • Püssa, Tõnu; Raudsepp, Piret; Anton, Dea; Toomik, Peeter. (2015). Polüfenoolide stabiilsus liha termilisel töötlemisel. Terve Loom ja Tervislik Toit 2015 (122−128). Paar OÃœ.

  • Anton, D.; Raudsepp, P.; Roasto, M.; Meremäe, K.; Kuusik, S.; Toomik, P.; Elias, P.; Laikoja, K.; Kaart, T.; Lepiku, M.; Püssa, T. (2016). Comparative study of microbiological, chemical and sensory properties of kefirs produced in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Journal of Dairy Research , 83 (1), 89−95.

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