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Ragnar Leming

Department of Nutrition
Estonian University


Mr. Ragnar Leming serves as, Associate Professor at Department of Nutrition ,Estonian University of Life Sciences, Institute of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences. His Present research activities are Biosciences and Environment, Agricultural Sciences. His further research interest include B400 Zootechny, animal husbandry, breeding ,Organic Animal Husbandry

Research Interest

Zootechny, animal husbandry, breeding ,Organic Animal Husbandry


  • Kaldmäe, Helgi; Leming, Ragnar; Kass, Marko; Lember, Aleksander; Tölp, Silvi; Kärt, Olav (2010). Chemical composition and nutritional value of heat-treated and cold-pressed rapeseed cake. Veterinarija ir Zootechnika, 49 (71), 55−60.

  • Leming, Ragnar (2012). Performance monitoring in certified organic dairy herds in Estonia. In: Trainiene, R. (_EditorsAbbr). Physiology of livestock. Programme and abstracts of international scientific conference (28). Kaunas : Lithuanian Veterinary Academy.

  • Kass, Marko; Leming, Ragnar; Kaldmäe, Helgi; Ots, Meelis (2012). The use of rapeseed cake in ruminant nutrition in Estonia. In: D. Gurauskiene, D. Ruzgiene, P. Matusevicius, H. Jeroch (Ed.). Innovations of rape seed cultivation and use (40−46).. Kedainiai, Lithuania: Akademija Lietuva.

  • Leming, Ragnar (2012). Consumer Demands: Feeding in Organic Farming. In: Christine Jakobsson (_EditorsAbbr). Ecosystem Health and Sustainable Agriculture (284−289). The Baltic University Programme, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden: Baltic University Press. (Sustainable Agriculture).

  • Kass, Marko; Olt, Andres; Leming, Ragnar; Ots, Meelis (2014). Prediction of methane emissions from dairy cows fed cold-pressed linseed cake. In: P. Udén et al (Ed.). Proceedings of the 5th Nordic Feed Science Conference, Uppsala, Sweden (92−96).. Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

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