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Triin Hallap

Research Fellow
Estonian University


Triin Hallap, Doctor's Degree, 2005, (sup) Ülle Jaakma, Assessment of Sperm Attributes of Frozen-thawed AI Doses from Swedish and Estonian Dairy Bull Sires with Special Reference to Pre-selection Through Swim-up, and the Influence of Age on Potential Fertility, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.  

Research Interest

Veterinary medicine, surgery, physiology, pathology, clinical studies ; SPECIALITY: reproductive biology, reproductive biotechnology, spermatology, embryology


  • Hallap, T., Håård, M., Jaakma, Ü., Larsson, B., & Rodriguez-Martinez, H. (2004). Does cleansing of frozen-thawed bull semen before assessment provide samples that relate better to potential fertility?. Theriogenology, 62(3), 702-713.

  • Hallap, T., Nagy, S., Jaakma, Ü., Johannisson, A., & Rodriguez-Martinez, H. (2006). Usefulness of a triple fluorochrome combination Merocyanine 540/Yo-Pro 1/Hoechst 33342 in assessing membrane stability of viable frozen-thawed spermatozoa from Estonian Holstein AI bulls. Theriogenology, 65(6), 1122-1136.

  • Hallap, T., Nagy, S., Jaakma, Ü., Johannisson, A., & Rodriguez-Martinez, H. (2005). Mitochondrial activity of frozen-thawed spermatozoa assessed by MitoTracker Deep Red 633. Theriogenology, 63(8), 2311-2322.

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