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I am someone who doesn't just enjoy food and have fun with it, I want food to be an experience. This goes from anything I am cooking at home, to what I am doing at work. Food isn't just something you need to live, it is something that should be exciting and make a bad day better without killing you.  I am very interested in improving food security and nutrition, whether it be in my own kitchen, a friends kitchen in a small little town with no electricity, or in a manufacturing facility. Even though I am still young and new to the work force, I think that I have worked in environments that have allowed me to see many aspects of different business ventures, let me use my own creativity and skills, and develop not only in the work place quickly but also personally.  My professional goals include using my background and experience in food science, food security, nutrition, and development work along with my proven abilities to navigate difficult situations and relate to diverse populations in management level opportunities and beyond.  My variety of jobs, my background, my drive to succeed, and exuberant nature I know I am someone who adapts well and isn't satisfied with the status quo. 

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