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 Dr. Georgios Kranias, after graduating from the Medical School of the Aristotle University, traveled to America for postgraduate studies and specialization. He earned the specialty of Ophthalmology at Northwestern University in Chicago, considered one of America's finest Universities. He has specialized in the diseases and surgery of Gallus and retinopathy at the same University. He holds the position of Professor of Ophthalmology at the Medical School of the University of Cincinnati, Ohio, United States of America. He is a member of at least ten scientific companies, both in America and in Europe, and has been honored with multiple Academic awards. His name is included in Who's Who in America, as well as the Registry of outstanding Professionals. In 1998, Cincinnati doctors voted him as one of the best doctors in Ophthalmology. He has received Honorary Distinction from the American Academy of Ophthalmology, the Hellenic Ophthalmology Society, as well as from the Bulgarian Ophthalmological Society, for his significant contribution to ophthalmology and especially his teaching and research work. His research work has been funded for several years by the US Government, and it is about whether it is safe for a diabetic woman to have children without risking losing sight of it. In the field of research, he has also dealt with biochemical studies of the retinal detachment fluid, the effect of pancreatic transplantation on diabetic retinopathy, as well as whether the laser slows the progression of a genetic retinal disease, pigmentary retinopathy, avoiding the retinopathy total blindness. His teaching includes teaching to medical students, ophthalmology specialists, as well as ophthalmologists, both in America and in Greece. For many years, Mr Crania has been offering ophthalmology around the world in ophthalmology, and in particular vitreous-retinal diseases, and has lectured as an invited professor at ophthalmological conferences around the world, and his scientific work has been published in the most authoritative scientific journals. He is a regular speaker at the scientific conferences of Greece and the Balkans, and his clinic in Athens visits patients from all over Greece and the Balkans. Its aim is to upgrade ophthalmology in Greece, and to offer to the Greek patient services of the highest degree of expertise and experience.

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  Yialloid - Retinal Surgery

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