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Asmamaw Alemu

Natural Resource Management
Gondwana University


Ato Asmamaw is currently a PhD student at Technische Universität Dresden, Germany and University of Padova, Italy undertaking the FONASO double degree program. He joined the University of Gondar as a Lecturer within the Faculty of Agriculture in 2010. Prior to this he worked within field as Forestry Expert at the North Gondar Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and Assistant Researcher at Forestry Research Center, Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research. Alongside the usual academic duties he served as Dean of the Faulty of Agriculture between 2009 and 2010 before leaving to pursue his studies.

Research Interest

Agricultural Research, Sustainable Tropical Forestry


  • Asmamaw Alemu Abtew, J├╝rgen Pretzsch, Tarig El-Sheikh Mohamoud, Yahia Omar Adam, 2012 Population structure of Boswellia papyrifera (Del.) Hochst in the drywoodlands of Nuba Mountains, South Kordofan State, Sudan. Agriculture & Forestry, 54(08) (1-4): 41-50, 2012, Podgorica

  • Asmamaw Alemu, Fikremariam Haile and Sisay Feleke 2012 Edible oil extraction from Podocarpus falcatus In: Forestry and Forest Products: technologies and Issues. Wubalem Tadesse, Getachew Desalegn and Abraham Yirgu (eds.) Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

  • Abtew Asmamaw A, Pretzsch J, Mohamoud TE, Adam YO, 2012 Commodity Chain of Frankincense from the Dry Woodlands of Nuba Mountains, South Kordofan State, Sudan. Small-Scale Forestry 11(3):365-388

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