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Berihun Megabiaw

Assistant Professor
Epidemiology & Biostatistics
Gondwana University


Dr Berihun Megabiaw joined the University of Gondar as a Lecturer in November 2006. Prior to taking up his current position as Director of the Institute of Public Health (IPH) in August 2012, Dr Berihun served as the Head of the Department of Health Officers and Coordinator of the Accelerated Health Officers Training Program (AHOTP) for three years. He currently continues to serve in a teaching capacity within the Institute as an Assistant Professor of Public Health. Dr. Berihun earned his Medical Degree (MD) from the College of Medical and Health Science (CMHS) at the University of Gondar in July 2006. He continued his studies in CMHS in 2007 and completed his Masters in Public Health (MPH) in Public Health Epidemiology and Biostatistics in 2009. Dr. Berihun continues to play an active lecturing role within the Institute. He currently teaches the following courses for both under and postgraduate students: Basic Epidemiology; Advanced Epidemiology;Research Methodology; and Disease Control and Prevention. He supervises Medical and Paramedical students in their community (TTP) attachments. He also mentors both undergraduate and postgraduate students in the successful completion of their research projects and thesis works.

Research Interest

Nutrition, maternal and child health issues in a developing country context with a specific focus on the common causes of maternal as well as child morbidity.


  • Shimekaw B, Megabiaw B, and Alamrew Z. Prevalence and associated factors of sexual violence among private college female students in Bahir Dar city, North Western Ethiopia. Health, 2013,5:6. 1069-1075.

  • Megabiaw B, Rortviet G, Kebede Y, et al. Pelvic floor disorders among women in Dabat district, North-West Ethiopia. A pilot study. Intl Urogynecol J (July 2013), 24(7): 1135-1143 (Featured in MDlinx)

  • Megabiaw B, and Rahman A. Prevalence and determinants of Chronic Malnutrition among under-5 Children in Ethiopia. Int. J. Child Health Nutr., 2013 Vol. 2, No. 3: 230-236

  • Megabiaw B, Awoke T, Adefris M, Azale T and Awoke A. Depression among women with Obstetric fistula, and Pelvic Organ Prolapse in northwest Ethiopia. BMC Psychiatry, 2013, 13:236.(Featured in MDlinx)

  • Adane AA, Alene KA, Koye DN, Zeleke BM (2013) Non-Adherence to Anti-Tuberculosis Treatment and Determinant Factors among Patients with Tuberculosis in Northwest Ethiopia. PLoS ONE 8(11): e78791. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0078791

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