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Yemataw Wondie

Associate Professor
Social Sciences and Humanities
Gondwana University


Dr. Yemataw Wondie is an Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology. He received his PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Leipzig, Germany in 2009; his BA in Psychology and his MA in Special Needs Education/Psychology from Addis Ababa University in 1997 and 2003, respectively. Dr. Yemataw joined the University of Gondar as a Graduate Assistant in the then Gondar College of Medical Sciences (GCMS) in January 2000. Since then, he taught general psychology courses to medical and paramedical students till he left for Addis Ababa University to pursue his graduate studies in 2002. He returned having completed his Masters and continued teaching courses such as psychodynamics of childhood, psychodynamics of adolescence and general psychology to psychology major students and students of other departments till he went to University of Leipzig for his PhD in 2005. Upon his return from Leipzig after four years, Dr. Yemataw has taught advanced level courses such as Advanced Psychopathology, Health Psychology, Advanced Research Methods in Clinical Psychology, Advanced Research Methods in Social Psychology, and Advanced Counseling Psychology to graduate and undergraduate psychology students as well as advising graduate and undergraduate students on their thesis work and senior essays. He has also served as a coordinator of the graduate programs in the Department of Psychology, and later as a coordinator of the Graduate Programs at the College of Social Sciences and the Humanities.

Research Interest

Team-based research in areas including child sexual abuse, PTSD, drug and substance abuse, academic and psychological stress, depression, child labor, mental health, HIV/AIDS and mental health as well as traffic behavior and transport psychology.


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