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Aberra Melesse

Animal science
Hawassa University


Professor Aberra Melesse Ayenew is by profession an Animal Breeder with special interest in the characterization of indigenous livestock and poultry nutrition. He is married since 1996 and a father of three sons. He was born in Gondar (Dembia, Jenda Giorgis) on April 4, 1964. He completed his primary education at Jenda Missionary School and his junior and senior education at Atse Fassiledes School located in Gondar city. He joined Awassa Junior Agricultural College of Addis Ababa University in October 1980 and graduated with Diploma in Animal Science and Technology in June 1982. Because of his excellent academic performance, he was recruited by the Addis Ababa University and worked in the position of Technical Assistant for nearly two years at the Dairy Farm of the Awassa Agricultural College. In August 1984, he won a Scholarship and left for Germany to pursue his education for a Masters degree at Leipzig University and completed his study in Animal Production in March 1990. He was re-employed on May 1990 at Awassa College of at a Lecturer position in the department of Animal Production and Rangeland Management. During this period of time he taught quite a large number of courses both to Diploma and BSc students. Later he was elected as a Head of the Department of General Agriculture were he dedicatedly served for three and half years.

Research Interest

His interest in the characterization of indigenous livestock and poultry nutrition


  • Aberra Melesse, Sandip Banerjee, Degnet H/Meskel, Aster Abebe, Amsalu Sisay. Carcass and meat quality characteristics of Arsi-Bale goats supplemented with different levels of air-dried Moringa stenopetala leaf.

  • Aberra Melesse, Temesgen Alemu, Sandip Banerjee, Kefyalew Berihun. The effect of partial substitution of roasted soybean seed with graded levels of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) leaf meal on carcass characteristics of broiler chickens.

  • Bangu Bekele, Aberra Melesse, Mohammed Beyhan and Kefyalew Berihun, (2015).The Effect of Feeding Stinging Nettle (Urtica Simensis S.) Leaf Meal on Feed Intake, Growth Performance and Carcass Characteristics of Hubbard Broiler Chickens.Global Journal of Science Frontier Research. 15 (3): 1-20.

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