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Derege Tsegaye Meshesha

Natural Resources Management
Institute of Land Administration


EDUCATION               Undergraduate                                                            Year of Degree                                    Degree                                    Institution             …July 2003 ………                         Geography                            Alemaya University   ACADEMIC APPOINTMENTS(old and new)             Date, Title, Department, Institution 23/05/2015, Assistant professor, Natural resource management, College of Agriculture  

Research Interest

Environmental Science


  • Meshesha, D.T., Tsunekawa, A., Tsubo, M.,Haregeweyn, N., 2012.Analysis of the dynamics and hotspots of soil erosion and its management scenarios: the Case of the Central Rift Valley of Ethiopia.International journal of sediment Research 27: 84-99.

  • Meshesha, D.T., Tsunekawa, A., Tsubo, M.,Haregeweyn, N., 2011.Spatial analysis and semi-quantitative modeling of specific sediment yield in six catchments of the central rift valley of Ethiopia.International Journal of Food, Agriculture & Environment 9 (3&4):784-792.

  • Meshesha, D.T., Tsunekawa, A., Tsubo, M., 2012. Continuing land degradation: Cause-Effect in Ethiopia‚Äôs central rift valley. Land degradation and development. 23: 130-143

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