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Fentahun Tesafa Mohammed

Agricultural Economics
Institute of Land Administration


College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences at  Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia Telephone: +251 582205943, Fax: +251 588229018, P. O. Box: 5501, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia Website: Teaching courses Microeconomics I & II, Macroeconomics, Development Economics, International Trade, Project Planning & Management, Econometrics, Statistics and Research Methods for undergraduates (BSc); and Advanced Microeconomics for postgraduates (MSc).   Conducting research. I published five research papers in peer reviewed journals, two book chapters, and one policy & strategy document of the food processing industry of our country. Delivering community outreach services to surrounding communities/institutions. I have given 5 days trainings for a series of 3 years to 40 researchers from 10 Research Centres and 60 lecturers from 10 Universities in our country, and consultancy services to different GOs & NGOs. Coordinating the whole activities and issues of the department while I was head (teaching, research, and community outreach services)  Facilitating & coordinating the courses such as Statistics, Econometrics, Research Methods, Research Seminar, Research Project I & II as a chair for the Research Methods Course System. Participating in other cross-cutting issues given by dean & v/dean of our college. I participated in the two new degree programs’ curriculum development-‘Agricultural Extension’ and ‘Agribusiness & Value Chain Management’. I wrote three modules- Research Methods; Entrepreneurship & Agribusiness Management; and Statistics.  Working as a member of committees such as academic council, executive meeting, students` exam & grade evaluation  and  technical staff recruiting committees   Business or sector Education   Socioeconomic Researcher, Socioeconomic & Research-Extension Department   Amhara Region Agricultural Research Institute, Bahir Dar Agricultural Mechanization and Food Science Research Centre, Ethiopia Telephone: +251 582200631,  P. O. Box: 133, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia   Conducting research with  the thematic areas of farming systems research,  adoption and impact assessment studies, production economics and marketing Preparing the annual physical and financial plan of the organization by conducting marketing studies Monitoring & evaluating  the performance of the organization and writing up reports quarterly Preparing  the Five Years Strategic Plan of the organization as a member of the team Participating in various scientific forums at centre, regional and national research reviews Working as a member in committees such as auction, management & strategic plan preparation  

Research Interest

Microeconomics.Project Planning & Management 


  • Fentahun, T.,Dagninet, A., & Merkuz, A. (2014). Evaluation of single yoke implement, harnessed and drawn by horse for cultivation of farm lands in north western Ethiopia. WJAR, Vol.2(3), pp.38-46.

  • Fentahun, T. (2014). Forward and backward linkage analysis of manufacturing industries in Amhara Region, Ethiopia. Abhinav-National Monthly Refereed Journal of Research in Science & Technology, Vol.3(2), pp.14-26.

  • Fentahun T. & Merkuz A. (2014). Determinants and efficiency of sharecropping in rice production: The case of West Amhara Region, Ethiopia. WebPub Journal of Agricultural Research (WJAR), Vol.2(9), pp.105-117.

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