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Habtamu Sitotaw

Land Administration
Institute of Land Administration


Undergraduate                                                            Year of Degree                        Degree                                                          Institution             2013                                          LLB                                               Wollo University Post graduate Year of Degree                            Degree                                               Institution             2016                                    MS.c in Land and Real Property Law     Bahir Dar University                 

Research Interest

I am interested doing research works on land and real property law in general and specifically on issues relating to the role of the Ethiopian federal system in administering land; the legal regimes in land administration in Ethiopia; fiscal federalism vs land administration, constitutional land rights in Ethiopian context, …etc.   I have participated and participating in the following research issues in my academic carrier in the Institute of Land Administration: Conversion of old possessions into lease system in Ethiopia: Challenges and prospects Administering land under the context of the Ethiopian federal arrangement: Opportunities and challenges (MSc Thesis) Land Administration Power in Ethiopia: Focus on the Federal Government’s Legislative Interventions against Regional States’ Land Administration Power Rural Land Laws in Federal Ethiopia and their Implication to Proper Land Administration: A Comparative Overview Challenges and Opportunities of GIS-Based Cadastral Mapping for the Implementation of Sustainable E-Land Administration in Bahir Dar and Debre Markos Cities, Amhara Region, Ethiopia Assessing Trends of Land Value from Spatio-temporal Perspective: The Case of Metropolitan Cities of Amhara Region, Ethiopia The place of the Ethiopian civil code in the different land related legislations

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