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Negesse Mekonnen Asrese

Assistant Professor
Institute of Land Administration


Teaching Undergraduate courses (Veterinary Pharmacology, Veterinary Toxicology, Veterinary Public Health, Veterinary Parasitology) Postgraduate course: Drug residue from food of animal origin (MSc program) Preventive Medicine and Herd Health (Msc program) Advising undergraduate students: Senior seminar (12 students) and DVM thesis (18 students in different research topics) Research  Brucellosis and Associated Risk Factors in Dairy Cattles of Eastern Ethiopia (published) Camel Trypanosomosis in Pastoral and Agro-pastoral areas of Eastern Ethiopia (ongoing ) Detection and Quantification of Frequently used Veterinary Drugs from Bovine Meat and Milk, Eastern Ethiopia (80% completed) Community service Training of Veterinarians and Animal Health Workers Participation in Rabies and Hydatidosis prevention campaign Managerial role: Campus registrar head starting from June 10, 2015 to July 08, 2016

Research Interest

Computer and other soft Skills____________________________________________ o Computer skills: Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, Excel (very good), Access (good) o Other soft skills: SPSS, STATA, Molecular biology softwares for manipulation of genetic data. Language Skills__________________________________________________________________ o Amharic: Mother tongue, fluent o English: professional Language, fluent


  • Negesse Mekonnen and Endalkachew Abebe (2017):Ethnobotanical knowledge and practices of traditional healers in selected districts of Eastern Hararghie, Ethiopia. Ethiopian veterinary Journal, 21(2): 40-61.

  • Mekonnen Golessa and Negesse Mekonnen (2017): Vector Identification and Prevalence of Bovine Trypanosomosis in Oda Buldigilu District of Benishangul Gumuze Regional State, Western Ethiopia. Journal of entomology and Zoology Studies, 5(5): in press

  • Negesse Mekonnen, Yohannes Sika, Firew Lejebo, Tesfaheywet Zeryehun (2017): Evaluation of the Efficacy of Various Concentration of Deltamethrin Impregnated Targets on Tsetse Fly in and around Arba Minch, South Western Ethiopia. Journal of entomology and Zoology Studies, 5(5): in press

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