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Samual Taye Ejigu

Animal Production and Technology
Assistant veterinarian
Institute of Land Administration


Education and training   • Dates (from – to)   24,octo.2007-24,july2010 , from 2013 to Aug2, 2017 and from 2015-since know • Name and type of    organization providing education and training               Alage  Agricultural College, NAIC, Rift Valley University , Bahir Dar university respectively     • Principal  subjects/occupational skills covered know on proceeding training /study   Diploma in Animal Health, Artificial Insemination   BSC In Public Health Officer, Bachelor of Veterinary Sciences I will graduate in this year. • Title of qualification awarded   Mr. • Level in national classification     Bsc, Diploma& certeficate   Personal skills and competences Acquired in the course of life and career but not necessarily covered by formal certificates and diplomas. I have computer training certificate I have SAS Soft certificate, entrepreneur training certificate, and electronic library resources I have electronic library resource certificate                   National qualification certification high level (level-4) Competence of certification (COC) is Awarded at national level and                 Technical training we are attended like inductive training in research   

Research Interest

• Reading skills   Indicate level: excellent, • Writing skills   Indicate level: excellent, • Verbal skills    Indicate level: excellent,   Social skills and competences       I have skill of management, team work, social service,tolerance, cultural exchange and festivity  Technical skills and competences With computers, specific kinds of equipment, machinery, etc.   I have computer certificate skill in SPSS,SAS statistics data analysis and MS-word,MS-excel,MS-power point and I have skill in research and project proposal writing  electronic library resources  training   , I have deriving license & have skill, milking and  milking processing machine control, hatchery machine control, semen quality measuring and analyzing.      .   I have attended for one week Inductive training in research.

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