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Jesoni Baleitilagica Naga

Administrative Assistant
Oceania Centre for Arts, Culture & Pacific Studies
University of the South Pacific


Jesoni joined the Oceania Dance Theatre in 2003 and has worked extensively with talented dance artists from around the Asia-Pacific region. He has also worked with primary and secondary schools to help promote the Performing Arts and one day hopes that dance will be absorbed into the physical education curriculum. Jesoni has performed in various dance productions directed and produced by renowned choreographers such as Allan Alo (Oceania Centre), Richard Digoue (New Caledonia), Lucy Landon Lane (Australia), Indra Utama (Indonesia), Cathy Livermore (New Zealand), Bernadette Walong (Australia) and many of the emerging choreographers at the Oceania Centre. He has composed and sung a number of songs which were used in Katalina Fotofili’s production The Portal of Life and collaborated with Calvin Rore on the music score for the documentary An Island Calling. He has toured with the Oceania Dance Theatre for workshops, symposiums and performances internationally and across Fiji’s mainland. Jesoni would love to see the Performing Arts develop in Fiji and believes that this will only become a reality with the inclusion of this medium in school curriculums.

Research Interest

Jesoni Baleitilagica Naga research interest is Arts, Culture & Pacific Studies

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