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Mesake Rawaikela

Senior Lecturer
University of the South Pacific


Has more than 20 years’ experience as an educator at Secondary School level in Fiji rising to the level of Head of Department (Science) before joining the University of the South Pacific from 1997 until to date. Risen to the level of Deputy Head of School of Education after several years of teaching at the University.

Research Interest

Has 4+ years research in Education in New Zealand and intensively researched issues in Primary and Secondary school education in Fiji particularly those surrounding the up-take of science. Has a high standard of professionalism, experience and dedication to Education particularly in the field of Research, Science Education and Community Education. Interests cover a variety of topics such as theories and views about what science is and the nature of scientific enquiry; macro and micro-level contexts of science teaching & learning; development of children's thinking; classroom teaching practices and interactions; beliefs about teaching and children education; behavioral, ecological and socio-cultural theory of development and learning; Orality, Literacy and Science. Currently doing the following collaborative research with other colleagues: “The Gender Gap in Learning Achievement and Transition to Science, Technology and Mathematics in Higher Education: A Study of Seven Pacific Countries” Implications for Higher Education in the Region. This research aims to find out whether or not the trend for Mathematics and Science achievement for high school students in the Pacific is similar to what is already found by UNESCO research worldwide where Male students tend to do better generally in both Mathematics and Science subjects as compared to Females. It will also try to look at the causes of the gender differences in performance in these subject areas if there are any differences found.

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