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Olivier Jutel

School of Language, Arts & Media
University of the South Pacific


In 2014 I gained my doctorate from the University of Otago. My PhD entitled 'Populism and Its Liberal Excess' is concerned with the rise of new mediatized forms of populism which challenge liberal rationalist notions of politics, journalism and identity. I have been particularly concerned with the rise of right-wing populism in the US in response to Barack Obama and the multiculturalist politics of Empire. Currently my research interests include populism, conspiracy, social media, cyber-libertarianism, psychoanalysis, political economy and critical theory. Before joining the USP Journalism Department I worked as production manager at Radio One 91fm in Dunedin, New Zealand. My broadcast experience extends from TV3 News, Sky TV and Channel 39 (Dunedin Television) and in 2013 my politics radio show "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" won a Radio Star award for best variety format.

Research Interest

Cyberlibertarianism and the Alt-Right, New Media, Online Subcultures and Social Movements, Far-Right Populism and Conspiracy, Donald Trump and American Politics, Affect Theory, Critical Theory, Cultural Studies, Post-Marxism, Psychoanalytic Political Theory and the works of Laclau, Zizek, Mouffe, Lacan, Stavrakakis, Deleuze, Political Economy of the Media and Journalism Studies

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