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Fiona Willans

University of south pacific


PhD Educational Linguistics, MA Applied Linguistics (King’s College London, UK), Diploma Pacific Language Studies (USP), BA Linguistics (University of Durham, UK), Graduate Certificate in Academic Practice (King’s College London, UK), CELTA (University of Durham, UK) 

Research Interest

Sociolinguistics, Multilingualism and Language Contact, Language Policy and Planning, Language Ideologies, and English Language Teaching


  • Willans, F. (2016). 'Carving out institutional space for multilingualism in the world’s most multilingual region: the role of Linguistics at the University of the South Pacific'. Current Issues in Language Planning. 17/4, 351-368.

  • Willans, F. (2017). Another early-exit transitional model doomed to fail? Or is this the wrong model at the right time in Vanuatu?'. Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development. 38/3, 699-711.

  • Willans, F. (2017). 'Grassroots talk back on social media: An analysis of public engagement in Vanuatu’s language-in-education policy'. Current Issues in Language Planning. 18/4.

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