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Ryota Nishino

Social Sciences
University of south pacific


I teach courses on world history and East Asian history. USP could not be more rewarding, because I enjoy teaching and interacting with students from all walks of life and from diverse backgrounds. I welcome opportunities to supervise postgraduate students who are interested in histories of (East) Asia and Pacific Island countries relations, social and cultural history (esp. of education), and travel-writing.

Research Interest

My research interests are interdisciplinary but grounded in History. I have worked on South African history and a comparative history of history textbooks in Japan and South Africa. I have been working on a history of Japanese travel-writing on southern Pacific. I see it as an emergent field that crosses numerous disciplinary boundaries, amongst which History takes an important place.


  • “Tales of two Fijis: Early 1960s’ Japanese travel-writing by Kanetaka Kaoru and Kita Morio”, Journal of Pacific History, 49, no.4 (2014), 440-456.

  • “Talking past each other? A comparative study of the descriptions of the Russo-Japanes War in Japanese and Russian history textbooks, ca. 1997-2010”, Aoyama Journal of International Studies, no. 2, (2015), pp. 5-39. Co-authored with Elena Kolesova, revised edition of conference proceeding below.

  • “Political economy of History textbook publishing: Towards a historical enquiry of commercial imperatives”, Yesterday and Today. (forthcoming, 2015). By journal editors’ invitation

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