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Sereima Naisilisili

University of south pacific


Courses taught/teaching ED153 -  Education and Society, ED158 -  Introduction to Non-Formal education ED258 - Adult Learning   ED358 - Community Education

Research Interest

Traditional Knowledge Systems, Non-formal Education and Decolonizing  Research Methodologies.


  • Naisilisili, S. 2013. Community-based parenting in the Cu’u culture. In: APCEIU publication,. A guide to Teaching Educators on EIU, MDGs and Caring in the Pacific. Seol: LEE Seunhwan.

  • Naisilisili,S. (2012). ‘Iluvatu: an exploratory study of Cu’u Indigenous Knowledge and implications for Fijian education. The thesis explores issues of education from the indigenous paradigm and uses an indigenous research framework called ‘Iluvatu in the study.

  • Nabobo-Baba, U; Naisilisili, S; Bogitini, S; Baba, T and Lingham, G, (2012). Rural and remote schools in Udu. Am second author to the book which examines university services in remote and rural places with a focus on Udu schools and community. The book was launched in April, 2012.

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