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Shazna Buksh

Social Sciences
University of south pacific


Having a background in Psychology, Education and Biology, Shazna Buksh has worked and volunteered in diverse work environments as an educator, trainer and counsellor. Ms. Buksh has extensive experience as a secondary school educator and counsellor. She has worked as an Education Consultant with the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), drafting terms of references for reviews of the education sectors in Fiji, Kiribati, Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands and developing training plans and manuals for the Child Friendly Schools Project. A keen sense of community coupled with a love of counseling has seen Ms. Buksh volunteering at various social organizations and NGOs providing various training and counselling services including  Fiji Council of Social Services and various subsidiaries of the Fiji Muslim League. 

Research Interest

HIV/AIDS-related stigma and discrimination, psychological correlates of obesity, non-communicable disease-related interventions, and  reproductive health education. 

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