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Herbert Sixta

Aalto University


Dr. Herbert Sixta is currently working as a Professor in the Department of chemistry, aalto university , Finland. His research interests includes Biorefineries. He  is serving as an editorial member and reviewer of several international reputed journals. Dr. Herbert Sixta is the member of many international affiliations. He has successfully completed his Administrative responsibilities. He has authored of many research articles/books related to Biorefineries.

Research Interest



  • Upgrading of commercial pulps to high-purity dissolving pulps by an ionic liquid-based extraction method Wollboldt, Petra; Strach, Michael; Russler, Axel; Jankova, Stepanka; Sixta, Herbert 2017 HOLZFORSCHUNG ISSN: 0018-3830

  • Understanding the role of water in the interaction of ionic liquids with wood polymers Roselli, A.; Hummel, M.; Vartiainen, J.; Nieminen, K.; Sixta, H. 2017 CARBOHYDRATE POLYMERS ISSN: 0144-8617

  • High stability and low competitive inhibition of thermophilic Thermopolyspora flexuosa GH10 xylanase in biomass-dissolving ionic liquids Anbarasan, Sasikala; Wahlström, Ronny; Hummel, Michael; Ojamo, Heikki; Sixta, Herbert; Turunen, Ossi 2017 APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY ISSN: 0175-7598

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