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"Anni-Ahonen-Bishopp (b. 1971) has held several positions at BC Platforms before being appointed as CTO. She first worked as a science expert, and later as a project manager and team leader. Ms. Ahonen-Bishopp has extensive experience in science communications, software design, product development and management of both large customer projects and international, cross­disciplinary collaboration projects. Prior to joining BC Platforms Ms. Ahonen-Bishopp was a hobbyist programmer working for her PhD. Her doctoral dissertation was about the modulation of growth factor activity in brain. After 10 years in a biochemistry lab, she joined BC Platforms in 2006 to combine her expertise in biosciences with her knowledge of IT and software in laboratories. Ms. Ahonen-Bishopp holds a Ph.D degree in molecular neurobiology from the University of Helsinki."      

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