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Mikhail Sofiev

Adjunct Professor, Doctor, senior scientis
Physics Mathematical modelling of atmospheric composition
Finnish Meteorological Institute


M.Sofiev is Adjunct Professor, University of Helsinki, Department of Physics Mathematical modelling of atmospheric composition. M.Sofiev is the author of 181 scientific publications; 95 of these have been published in refereed journals and books. He has given over 300 lectures and presentations at scientific and application conferences. Board Member of European Aeroallergen Network Member of International Biometeorological Society, European Aerobiological Society, European Academy of Allergology and Clinical Immunology. Member of Emergency Response team of Finnish Meteorological Institute Reviewer of scientific manuscripts in 12 journalsM.Sofie

Research Interest

M.Sofiev has worked in the field of atmospheric physics and chemistry concentrating on development and application of the Eulerian and Lagrangian air pollution models for meso-to-global scales in the troposphere and the stratosphere, as well as operational air quality and accidental release dispersion forecasting. He is the coordinator of development of System for Integrasted modeLling of Atmospheric coMposition (SILAM). Specific areas of interest include model development, verification and comparison with measurements, data assimilation, statistical methodology for model validation, analysis of the measurement data, inverse and adjoint dispersion modeling, computer experiments, etc. Compounds of interest are: acidifying and toxic pollutants, ozone, radioactive and biological species, atmospheric aerosols. M.Sofiev is a supervisor of 14 academic theses (MSc & PhD, 8 completed).

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