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Virpi Tarvainen

PhD, Senior Research Scientist
Finnish Meteorological Institute


Finnish Meteorological Institute, P.O. Box 503, 00101 Helsinki, Finland

Research Interest

Atmospheric physical and chemical processes at different scales. Biogenic emissions; biogenic emission modeling. Air quality, ozone formation, atmospheric chemistry.


  • Lindfors V , 1979 . Kapillaarimenetelmä ilman hiukkasmais t en epäpuhtauksien keräämisessä (C apillary technique applied on collecti o n of aerosol partic l e s . In Finnish) . Master of S cience thesis, University of Helsinki, Department of Physics . 99 p.

  • Lindfors V , 1996 . Alailmake hän rikkiyhdis teiden kemiaa ja mikrofysiikkaa (Chemi stry and microphysics of tropospheric sulphur compounds . I n Finnish). Licentiate of Philos ophy thesis, University of Helsinki, Department of Physics . 149 p.

  • Tarvainen V , 2008. Development of biogenic VOC emission inventories for the boreal forest. Finnish Meteorolog ical Institute Contributions 72. Academic Dissertation in physics, University of Helsinki. 137 p.

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