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Gunnar Rosenqvist

Hanken School of Economics


Gunnar Rosenqvist is Professor at Hanken School of Economics.

Research Interest

112 Statistics and probability - Applied econometrics, especially micro econometrics with applications within market micro structure of financial markets and health economics


  • Häkkinen, U, Rosenqvist, G, Iversen, T, Rehnberg, C, Seppälä, T 2015, 'Outcome, use of resources and their relationship in the treatment of AMI, stroke and hip fracture at European hospitals' Health Economics, vol 24, no. Suppl. 2, pp. 116-139.

  • Iversen, T, Aas, E, Rosenqvist, G, Häkkinen, U 2015, 'Comparative analysis of treatment costs in EuroHOPE' Health Economics, vol 24, no. Suppl. 2, pp. 5-22.

  • Järvelin, J, Häkkinen, U, Rosenqvist, G 2016, 'Comparison of health care costs between claimants and nonclaimants in the no-fault compensation system of Finland' Journal of Patient Safety

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