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Ed Driscoll

Chief Executive Officer
environment friendly solutions, renewable energy, biomass
Rational Energies


In 1996 I co-founded a company that today manages the internet infrastructure for the US Navy and Marine Corps. That put me in direct contact with the Admirals and Generals who manage the largest logistics organization in the world. They are responsible for the movement of enormous amounts of people and material around the world. Their biggest logistical challenge is fuels. The military buys nearly 100 million barrels of petroleum products each year. That's enough fuel for 1,000 cars to drive around the world 4,620 times and it makes the Department of Defense the single largest consumer of petroleum in the U.S.A. A $0.25 rise in the price of jet fuel costs the military an extra $1 billion. It is no wonder the military considers oil to be our country’s number one strategic vulnerability. The use of foreign oil weakens our economy and we are fighting wars to defend our access to that oil. That makes no sense. As a result, the Department of Defense is working to find better ways to produce and consume energy.

Research Interest

  Green Chemistry, Sustainability, renewable resources, biomass, biofuel, Green Engineering, green industrial applications, green investments, green process, green energy, biomaterials, nanotechnology, waste management, water treatment, bioreactors, bioprocessing, green economy

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