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Tervahauta, Arja

Forest Research
The Finnish Forest Research Institute


Tervahauta, Arja is currently working as a researcher at Finnish Forest Research Institute 

Research Interest

analysis services analytical and inorganic chemistry 


  • Juottonen, H., Vikman, A., Nieminen, M., Tuomivirta, T., Tuittila, E.-S., Nousiainen, H., Kell, D., Yrjälä, K., Tervahauta, A. & Fritze, H. 2012. Methane-cycling microbial communities and methane emissions in natural and restored peatlands. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 78: 6386-6389.

  • Hartikainen, K., Riikonen, J., Nerg, A.-M., Kivimäenpää, M., Ahonen, V., Tervahauta, A., Kärenlampi, S., Mäenpää, M., Rousi, M., Kontunen-Soppela, S., Oksanen, E. & Holopainen, T. 2012. Impact of elevated temperature and ozone on the emission of volatile organic compounds and gas exchange of silver birch (Betula pendula Roth). Environmental and Experimental Botany 84: 33-43

  • Kaila, A., Sarkkola, S., Laurén, A., Ukonmaanaho, L., Koivusalo, H., Xiao, L., O´Driscoll, C., Asam, Z., Tervahauta, A. & Nieminen, M. 2014. Phosphorus export from drained Scots pine mires after clear-felling and bioenergy harvesting. Forest Ecology and Management 325(2.5.2014): 99-107

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