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Tuominen, Sakari

Forest Research
The Finnish Forest Research Institute


Tuominen, Sakari is working as a researcher at Finnish Forest Research Institute  

Research Interest

multi-source inventory monitoring of biodiversity 


  • Mikko Vastaranta, Michael A. Wulder, Joanne C. White, Anssi Pekkarinen, Sakari Tuominen, Christian Ginzler, Ville Kankare, Markus Holopainen, Juha Hyyppä, Hannu Hyyppä 2013. Airborne laser scanning and digital stereo imagery measures of forest structure: comparative results and implications to forest mapping and inventory update. Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing 39(5): 382-395.

  • Honkavaara E, Hakala T, Markelin L, Jaakkola A, Saari H, Ojanen H, Pölönen I, Tuominen S, Näsi R, Rosnell T, Viljanen N 2014. Autonomous hyperspectral UAS photogrammetry for environmental monitoring applications. ISPRS Archives XL-1: 155-159

  • Saarela, S., Grafströn, A., Ståhl, G., Kangas, A., Holopainen, M., Tuominen, S. Nordkvist, K. & Hyyppä J. 2015. Model-assisted estimation of growing stock volume using different combinations of LiDAR and Landsat data as auxiliary information. Remote Sensing of Environment 158(1 March): 431-440

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