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Vuosku, Jaana

Forest Research
The Finnish Forest Research Institute


Vuosku, Jaana is working as a researcher at Finnish Forest Research Institute 

Research Interest

changing climate effects  


  • uosku, J. Sutela, S., Sääskilahti, M., Kestilä, J., Jokela, A., Sarjala, T. & Häggman, H. 2010. Dealing with the problem of non-specific in situ mRNA hybridization signals associated with plant tissues undergoing programmed cell death. Plant Methods 6(1): 1-9.

  • Vuosku, J., Suokas, M., Kestilä, J., Sarjala, T. & Häggman, H. 2011. From seed to tree: The functioning and evolution of DNA repair in plants. In: Kruman, I. (ed.). DNA Repair. InTech, p. 383-398. ISBN 978-953-307-697-3

  • Muilu-Mäkelä, R., Vuosku, J., Läärä, E., Saarinen, M., Heiskanen, J., Häggman, H., Sarjala, T. 2015. Water availability influences morphology, mycorrhizal associations, PSII efficiency and polyamine metabolism at early growth phase of Scots pine seedlings. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 88: 70-81.

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