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Ylitalo, Esa

Forest Research
The Finnish Forest Research Institute


Ylitalo, Esa is working as a researcher at Finnish Forest Research Institute 

Research Interest

industrial and energy use of wood forest protection statistics 


  • Ylitalo, E. 2006. Use of wood (includes the datum table Ylitalo, E. Chainsaws the most important raw material for forest chips, page 263). In: Peltola, A. (eds.). Statistical Yearbook of Forestry 2006 - Skogsstatistisk √•rsbok. SVT Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries 2006. Forest Research Institute. p. 261-288

  • Ylitalo, E. 2010. Wood pellet production declined in 2009. Forestry Bulletin (SVT Land, Forestry and Fisheries) 10/2010.

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