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Harri Kuosa

Leading researcher
Marine research
The Finnish Institute of Marine Research


I have been working professionally in marine sciences for about 30 years. I have been previously employed in the Finnish Marine Research Institute FIMR and the University of Helsinki. During my term in FIMR I was responsible for the Baltic Sea zooplankton research, and I was the cruise leader of several research cruises onboard R/V Aranda. In the university my I had a professorship on the Baltic Sea research in Tvärminne Zoological Station from 2002 to 2011. My special fields are eutrophication and its consequences in the Baltic Sea and how the Baltic Sea food webs have changed due to human pressures. I have participated three Antarctic research cruises. 

Research Interest

Eutrophication and food webs Ecosystem changes in waters surrounding Finland Sea ice ecosystems 


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  • E Vahtera, DJ Conley, BG Gustafsson, H Kuosa, H Pitkänen, OP Savchuk (2007) Internal ecosystem feedbacks enhance nitrogen-fixing cyanobacteria blooms and complicate management in the Baltic Sea AMBIO: A journal of the Human Environment 36 (2), 186-194

  • DJ Conley, S Björck, E Bonsdorff, J Carstensen, G Destouni (2009) Hypoxia-related processes in the Baltic Sea Environmental Science & Technology 43 (10), 3412-3420

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