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Heikki Peltonen

Senior research scientist
Marine Research Centre
The Finnish Institute of Marine Research


I have a master’s degree in fisheries science (1988) and a PhD also in fisheries science (1999) from the University of Helsinki. During my career I have worked in fishery research, for regional environmental and fisheries authorities, in the university, and in marine and freshwater research. 

Research Interest

Modeling of function of the marine ecosystem Integrated ecosystem assessment Ecosystem-based management Assessments and ecological impacts of underwater noise Bioaccumulation of dioxins in food-webs 


  • H Peltonen, J Ruuhijärvi, T Malinen, J Horppila (1999) Estimation of roach (Rutilus rutilus (L.)) and smelt (Osmerus eperlanus (L.)) stocks with virtual population analysis, hydroacoustics and gillnet CPUE Fisheries Research 44 (1), 25-36

  • M Karjalainen, J Engström-Öst, S Korpinen, H Peltonen, JP Pääkkönen (2007) Ecosystem consequences of cyanobacteria in the northern Baltic Sea AMBIO: A Journal of the Human Environment 36 (2), 195-202

  • J Horppila, H Peltonen, T Malinen, E Luokkanen, T Kairesalo (1998) Top‐down or Bottom‐up Effects by Fish: Issues of Concern in Biomanipulation of Lakes Restoration ecology 6 (1), 20-28

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