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Kai Myrberg

Leading scientist
Marine Research Centre
The Finnish Institute of Marine Research


MSc (1988), University of Helsinki in meteorology PhD (1998), University of Helsinki in physical oceanography (Thesis: “Analysing and modelling the physical processes of the Gulf of Finland in the Baltic Sea”, supervisor D.Sc. Rein Tamsalu) 

Research Interest

My research focus on the physical oceanography of the Baltic Sea (Major Baltic Inflows, upwelling, currents) and specially on numerical modelling, 


  • Myrberg, K., Koistinen J. and Järvenoja, S, 1990: A study of non-forecasted cyclogenesis in a polar air mass over the Baltic Sea. Tellus, 42A, 165–173.

  • Lehmann, A., Hinrichsen, H-H., Getzlaff, K and Myrberg, K. 2014. Quantifying the heterogeneity of hypoxic and anoxic areas in the Baltic Sea by a simplified coupled hydrodynamic-oxygen consumption model approach. Journal of Marine Systems 134, 20–28.

  • Andrejev, O., Myrberg, K., Alenius, P. And Lundberg, P.A. 2004. Mean circulation and water exchange in the Gulf of Finland – a study based on three-dimensional modelling. Boreal Environment Research 9(1): 1–16.

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