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Brigitte Dreno is Head of the Cutaneous Oncology Department and head of the GMP Unit of Cell and Gene Therapy at Nantes University Hospital in France. She is a global leader in the clinical implementation of innovative approaches for the treat of melanoma and other skin cancers. She has performed more than 100 clinical trials in this area, including 20 trials using adoptive cell therapy. In one of those trials she used a virus vector with the goal of enhancing the effect of the treatment.  Of note, she published in 2003 and 2007 the first randomized trial in adjuvant TIL therapy of Stage 3 melanoma, showing after a follow up of more than 12 years a significant increase of overall survival in the subgroup of patients with one melanoma invaded lymph node.  A phase III trial in the adjuvant situation including only stage III with one invaded lymph nodes is ongoing and results will be available in 2016. She has published more than 400 peer reviewed papers in international journals, most of them in the best journals in the field of cancer research, immune-oncology and including the New England Journal of Medicine.

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