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James Fowler

University of Kent


Dr Fowler's research interests include: the major philosophes; novels, drama and philosophy of the eighteenth century; libertinage and the libertine novel; Samuel Richardson and his influence in France; cross-cultural influences, especially between French and English writers of the eighteenth century; narratology; literary psychoanalysis; discourses of the body. Dr Fowler is currently working on the concepts of virtue and merit in a range of European thinkers, in the period 1660-1800. Dr Fowler has published extensively on eighteenth-century literature and thought. Lately, his research interests have increasingly been related to (the) European Enlightenment, especially the ‘cross-Channel’ phenomenon linking French and British writers of the period 1660-1800. His most recent publications are Richardson and the philosophes (Legenda, 2014) and an edition: Voltaire, Candide and Other Works (Wordsworth Classics, 2014).

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