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Jenny Diplacidi

University of Kent


Since receiving her PhD at the University of Kent in November 2012 on the topic of incest in eighteenth-century Gothic texts, Jenny DiPlacidi has focused her research on exploring representations of gender through scenes of violence, passion and imprisonment within the Lady’s Magazine. The ways in which these representations elide traditional generic boundaries, such as those dividing amatory fiction, the Gothic, sentimental tales and romances, has been a key aspect of this research. Her role within this project is to devise methodologies for tagging and indexing the content of the Lady’s Magazine and to statistically analyse the changes, shifts, and overlaps in the various genres appearing in the magazine over its first 48 years of publication. The magazine’s appeal to readers and contributors both male and female and from across the social spectrum raises questions of authorship, professionalization and influence that, in part due to the unwieldy size of the archive, have remained largely unanswered. Examining and analysing its content will allow for a better understanding of the periodical’s important role within and beyond eighteenth-century print culture and its historical, cultural and literary significance.

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